TB Reviews
What is this?

TB Reviews is a review aggregate site which scrapes the reddit for reviews on clothes purchased via e-commerce site Taobao. Reddit users will post their reviews, and they are gathered here and displayed in a format that is both searchable, and easier to view.


If you would like your review to be added to this site, you should post in the following format.

  1. First, create a HEADER by separating each column title with the “|” (Shift + \) character. You can title them in any order you like. Currently the following header tags are supported: Item Name, Size, Link, Pic, Review.
  2. Next, fill your second line with “:--” tag for each header element. You should also seperate these with the “|” character
  3. Finally, fill the rows with your reviews.

Please Note: For the 'Pic' tag, please link a DIRECT image to ONE (preferably imgur) picture of your item, as the scraper is not designed to go through imgur albums. If you would like to add your review and an album to your reddit post, please title the column header something other than 'Pic'. Titles such as 'Album' or 'Fit Pics' should work fine. The result should look something similar to the photo below